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DYWD 021: Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tips

By |Sep 2014|

Learn how to Maximize your peak performance with Visualization from Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kent Buckner: Head Basketball and Olympic Coach. Tips and methods on achieving your goals, in athletics and in life. Insight on Movement, Training, Focus, what it takes to be a Pro. Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tips: Positive imagery gives motivation to complete drills.

DYWD 020: Business is a Dance

By |Aug 2014|

What dancing teaches you in your business to help you serve your clients better. Partners/relationships - give and take, leading, knowing the moves, timing. Effective communication, body language, tonality, content, having more patience. Focus on where to take the lead and where to follow; Effective communication and infinite patience play a huge part. How to Enjoy Your Stress-Free Time Rich Life by Being in tune with your Client what they are saying and what they want. Why business is a dance - Must be on time with business or deals don't happen. Leading and Following in Business for success. When you get the moves right it is so much fun, like in business and in dance.

DYWD 019: Confidence and Empowerment

By |Aug 2014|

Confidence and Empowerment Tip #1: True beauty = Confidence from Within. Significance of healthy self image "Strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could". Challenging goals as a way to blast through fears and unveiling what true beauty is. How aesthetics help reframe our mind and influence positive self confidence. What it takes to feel flawless, feel beautiful, sexy and alive.

DYWD 018: Why Give Flowers

By |Aug 2014|

Significance of environmental psychology: Why Give Flowers: Design, Decor and Beauty Dancing is visually stimulating just like the appeal of Flowers Why Give Flowers Tip #1: The positive benefits flowers make us feel: Natural High Why Give Flowers Tip #2: appreciation, celebration, admiration Why Give Flowers Tip #3: Giving Flowers to score points; Automatically make a suitor more attractive When is is it appropriate to give flowers Manipulation through giving flowers

DYWD 017: Wedding Makeup in Las Vegas

By |Aug 2014|

What is beauty, and what role does image play in our lives? Importance of feeling beautiful as a human and as a dancer. Learn what makes women feel beautiful as James Carriera of GlamSquad talks about Wedding Makeup in Las Vegas.

DYWD 016: Renting Wedding Dresses

By |Jul 2014|

Renting the perfect Wedding dress: How to Choose and where to find it in Vegas. Parallel between Dance Costuming & Wedding Gowns. Everything you need to know about dressing up yourself & Renting a Dress. How dance experience and understanding of movement helps dress a bride. Dianne Schiller, former dancer, dance instructor and owner of Renta-Dress & Tux Shop.

DYWD 015: Wish Upon A Wedding Foundation

By |Jul 2014|

Wish Upon A Wedding Foundation: How to celebrate courage, determination and spirit of couples in love during most challenging times How to building memories for the survivors & coping strategies Providing Weddings for individuals facing life-threatening illness Health issues shouldn't get in the way of someone's dream to marry their best friend Importance of giving back to our local community

DYWD 014: Body Language & Dance

By |Jul 2014|

Body Language Secrets and How to Get More of What You Want. How to strategically use your body language to persuade & influence. Increase your chances when asking someone to dance. How to talk your way out of consequence, ie: a speeding ticket. Develop the skills to respond quickly to hidden cues in any critical situation. The different types of handshakes. How to make yourself magnetic and get others comfortable around you. Learn how to establish rapport.

DYWD 013: NLP & Ballroom Dance

By |Jun 2014|

NLP: Figure out Your Dance Partner Before They Start Dancing with You! Get more of what you want. Neurolinguistic Programming.

DYWD 012: Dancing & Dysfunctional Relationships

By |Jun 2014|

Ross Rosenberg: Narcissist vs. Codependent, The Dysfunctional Dance Relationship, The Dysfunctional Dance vs. Significance of Reciprocity,Why opposites attract, What is Narcissism, Emotional Manipulation, Codependency, Healing through dance, Human Magnet Syndrome

DYWD 011: Wedding Cake Tips from CakeFu

By |Jun 2014|

Learn about Wedding Cake Tips and Ideas from Cake Master Amelia Carbine of CakeFu in this week's Sophia in Sapphire Podcast Interview. CakeFu: Cake Tips and Trends all Brides should know, Wedding Cake tips, Budget Planning, Big impact on small Budget. Featuring Guest: Amelia Carbine

DYWD 010: Dance vs. Dating Etiquette

By |May 2014|

Dance and Dating Etiquette, Say yes! Why it is hard to meet people in Vegas, Do's and Don'ts on Dating, Following each other's lead, Listening, Compatibility, Matchmaking, Project Duo.

DYWD 009: Destination Weddings Las Vegas

By |May 2014|

Las Vegas Weddings, Planning a Destination Wedding in Vegas, How can you get your marriage license and is it a difficult process, Why people choose Las Vegas, What Vegas has to offer, Importance of commitment Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows, Are Weddings legal in Vegas, What businesses are affected by weddings in Vegas, The economic impact on tourism that weddings bring

DYWD 008: Dancing with Bees

By |May 2014|

Dance as Healing, Bee Dancer, What it is like to dance with 12,000 Honey Bees, Movement and its therapy, energy work Importance of saving the disappearing bee colonies.

DYWD 007: Finding your Joy

By |Apr 2014|

What is your joy. Stepping out of the box. Taking Risks. Motivation vs. Inspiration. Being in the “now”. Cultivating a self awareness of what truly makes us happy. Smart reflections on life. What is a Lightworker. 3 Left feet. Dance as a key to unlocking rich inner world inside of us. Dance and relationships. Personal story: How Dance strengthens relationships and bonds. Dance and Falling in love again. Dancing with eyes closed as a technique for learning steps and improved leading skills.

DYWD 006: Wedding Tips: Relax!

By |Apr 2014|

Utilizing K.I.S.S. method for wedding planning. Organization is Key to Event success. How to plan your wedding on a budget. Effectively delegate wedding duties to the right people. Free your mind, body, and soul. Personal method for creating an unforgettable and enjoyable wedding for all involved

DYWD 005: What is a Gentleman

By |Apr 2014|

What is a Gentleman. Difference between a nice guy and a gentleman. How does being a gentleman relate to dancing? Difference between gentlemen and jerks.

DYWD 004: Your Wedding Officiant

By |Apr 2014|

Choosing the right shoe for your Wedding, for dancing. Choosing your Wedding Officiant. Importance of finding the right Officiant/ Minister. How to plan a Wedding from out of town. Top reasons to learn how to dance Salsa. Choosing the right shoe for your Wedding, for dancing, and Choosing your Wedding Officiant. Talking Points: How we view and feel about ourselves and the shoes we wear. Best Dance Shoes, worn by Sophia– AIDA Dancing Shoes. First Dance Stories. Wedding Dance Stories. Importance of finding the right Officiant/ Minister. How to plan a Wedding from out of town. Top reasons to learn how to dance Salsa.

DYWD 003: Wedding Special Effects

By |Apr 2014|

Wedding Special Effects. Creating Theater at your Special Event/Wedding. How to interview a DJ? How much should you pay for a DJ? Getting the most out of First Dance Lessons. Creating back stories, personalized intros for announcements. Weddings are like a movie people have already seen. Creating unique, exciting Wedding/Event experience. What happens if a DJ gets in an accident? What do people remember after the wedding? Keeping guests engaged and entertained from the very beginning to the very end of an event. DJ, photo booth special effects. Meetup info. Salsa dance Lessons in Las Vegas. All Events Production - Gabriel Ortiz

DYWD 002: Dance as Movement

By |Mar 2014|

Dance as Movement. The theory of plasticity and how to stimulate your nervous system to its maximum. The Importance of knowing how you learn. Moving from simple to sophisticated. Importance of mobility for the Latin Dancer. TacFit, Yoga, Pilates, Cross Training. Eddie Guerra

DYWD 001: About Sophia in Sapphire

By |Mar 2014|

About Sophia in Sapphire. As an artist, musician and dancer, Sophia has been able to cultivate a mélange of passion in her work, and has found a way share it with others through dance. She believes that the benefits of dance (including feel-good endorphins), are something many of us desperately need in our everyday lives. Naturally, Sophia has created an opportunity for all who are curious to experience the bliss of dance, through her company Sophia in Sapphire, currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas. Sophia and her team of Ballroom and Wedding Dance specialists have cultivated a “playful, big-hearted and driven” company culture to successfully train both advanced and beginner students and help them develop confidence on the dance floor. This allows for students to experience the therapeutic, medicinal and transformative qualities of dance. Whether it's for a special event like a wedding or just for fun, find out about why balllroom dance lessons might be worth checking out!

Our Dance Show Premiers on Vegas All Net Radio!

By |Mar 2014|

Do You Wanna Dance? The radio talk show dedicated to answering all your questions about learning to dance in any situation and offers planning tips for your special wedding day. Whether you want to create a life-long memory with your first dance as husband and wife, want to be comfortable, confident and charismatic at the dance club on Saturday night, or want to take your current dance steps to the next level, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what you can do to turn your dreams into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

By |Jan 2014|

Frequently Asked Questions, Interview with Sophia in Sapphire - What reason do people generally have, to want to get out there and dance? Dancing is Transformative. What does that mean? The big benefits of taking dance lessons. When to start taking wedding dance lessons for your First Dance?