a couple dancing in a studio

Check Dance Off Your Bucket List

Our dance studio gets many people visiting Las Vegas who want a crash course on learning how to dance. Visitors come for the weekend or a few days, and not only do they want to cross dancing off their bucket list, but they want to learn from the best. And Las Vegas has some of the best talent in the world!

In addition, we have “First Dance” boot camp lessons, offered on weekends in Las Vegas, for out-of-town couples planning their wedding AND our custom bachelorette party ideas which include our ever popular Bootcamp Bridesmaids Routines for the wedding, for bridal parties that are visiting for the weekend.

Boot Camp

Perfect if you're strapped for time or just want to quickly knock dancing off your bucket list.

We customize every bridesmaid dance package and first dance bootcamp package to fit your needs.  We offer classes in ballroom dancing, swing, Latin styles including salsa, cha-cha, bachata, country and line dancing, all for beginners. The sky is the limit. If you want to hire a dance instructor in Las Vegas, turn to us to make your dance results come true! We have over 50 5-Star reviews online.

Dance Bootcamps are great for getting moves and learning to dance ASAP. Singles, Couples, and Groups come to us, asking us to work our magic. We show them how to strut their stuff and end up turning 2 left feet into feet that boogie and burn up the dance floor!

Bootcamps are GREAT for:

-Couples who want to make dance their hobby and enjoy dancing together
-Singles who want to get dance moves and develop a fun new hobby to add to their social life
-Engaged couples who want to learn their First Dance for their Wedding
-Father / Daughters and Mother / Sons who want to look great at the upcoming Wedding
-Small Groups / Bridesmaids / Flash Mobbers who want to learn choreography to perform

Make sure to ask us where to go dancing while you are in town! Some of the best dance scenes can be found in Las Vegas!

Dance Bootcamp Experience

We regularly teach eager beginner dancers (from out of town) who want an intensive experience, and most tend to opt-in for our 10 Lesson Dance Challenge. It usually takes about 10 Lessons to hone in the basics of dance and develop muscle memory.

Opting in for this amount of lessons will allow you to give dance a “fair shot”, as it takes time and commitment to develop dance skills. However, we can always customize your Dance Bootcamp Experience to any amount of lessons, making sure you are able to dance through your package before leaving town.

Our teaching style is very goal oriented, so that students feel that their time investment to dance pays off. Dance is a challenging hobby, but with the right approach, you will reap the rewards of your new skill sets sooner than later.

Boot Camp

Perfect if you're strapped for time or just want to quickly knock dancing off your bucket list.