Our totally FUN corporate dance classes and events are perfect for bringing your team together! Through learning dance, we will challenge, reward and create a bonding experience for your group. During these experiences, we will be learning as a group and in partners, which rotate during the class, so everyone gets to know each other.

Our Team Building experiences are geared for total beginners with no previous dance experience. We teach an array of dances, including but not limited to the Ballroom, Latin, and Social Dance styles popular today.

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Team Building

We offer dance instruction and entertainment to help bring your team members together.


Some dances to consider for your team building experience with us: Salsa, Swing, 2-Step, Tango, Rumba and others. One dance style may be chosen, or a couple dance styles can be chosen to experiment with.

Packages and experiences are custom, and created for your specific needs. For your convenience, we provide service both on and off-site. Feel free to utilize Sophia in Sapphire’s unique team building experience to create whatever end goal you are looking for.


Dance as a Fun Reward – Reward employees with a fun day of dancing! Bring your team, and we will teach them an easy-to-learn dance lesson. In just a few minutes the group will be laughing, joking, back slapping, and strutting their stuff.

Dance to Cultivate Healthy Camaraderie – As we learn to dance and learn new steps, we prepare everyone to participate in a huge dance off by the end of the session. We split the team up into groups so that individuals work together to maximize co-operative skills and help each another achieve a goal. Prizes may be included for maximized motivation, including prizes sponsored by the company.

Dance for Entertainment at Company Event – Make your Company Ball, Christmas Party, or Fundraiser Gala something to remember! Our dance team can provide professional floor shows at your event, by some of Las Vegas’s top dancers. We can even teach your guests a quick and easy-to-follow dance lesson on the night itself. In just minutes, we will have everyone strutting their stuff in their Tuxes and Ball Gowns. As another option, we are also able to teach your team how to dance in the days/ weeks leading up to the event, so that your guests will be ready to burn the floor!

Dancing Out on the Town – Invite your team out for a night to remember. Employees may invite their significant others as well, and after work we head out on the town. (We can start at the studio and then head out, or meet up at a location of your choosing).

It will be more than just your typical Friday Night out; a night out like this will result in a surprise dance lesson so that everyone can enjoy their new-found dance moves and spice up the dance floor!


Sophia in Sapphire creates unique team building experiences for corporate events in Las Vegas. We facilitate team bonding experiences through learning dance, enhancing co-operative communication skills between co-workers.

+ We bring your team together in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment
+ We help your team get to know each other outside the work environment
+ We strengthen communication and social skills among your team

Our team building classes are 60 minutes in duration and are packed with lots of movement, dancing, socializing and fun. As a thank you gift, we offer free passes to our beginner dance classes at the studio to all participants.

Depending on logistics, on-site and / or off-site instruction are available. Our instructors can come to your conference, workplace, or party venue, or you are welcome to bring your team to the studio (based on availability).

Team Building

We offer dance instruction and entertainment to help bring your team members together.