Sophia’s Career Highlights

2019 Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
2018 US National Champion in Professional Rhythm
2018 Voted Best Dance Teachers in Las Vegas by Expertise
2018 Named Best of
2017 Feature in the Pahrump Valley Times
2017 Voted Top 3 Dance Schools in Vegas by ThreeBestRated
2016 Voted Best Dance Teachers in Las Vegas by Expertise
2016 Feature on Channel 3 News
2015 Voted Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence
2015 Feature on ABC KNTV
2014 Founded Dine Dance and Date in Las Vegas
2014 Personality on the Do You Wanna Dance?! Radio Show
2014 Professional Rising Star Finalist & National Competitor
2014 Integration of Philanthropy into the SIS Business Model
2013 Top Teacher Awards at various showcases
2012 Feature on NBC

sophia with her national championship medal

2018 WDSF Professional Rhythm National Champions

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Maximize the Exuberance of Life through Social Dance Experiences

As both an artist and a musician, Sophia has cultivated a mélange of artistry and precision in her work and has found a way to share it with others through dance.

She believes that the benefits of dance (including the feel good endorphins), are something that many of us desperately need in our everyday lives.

Naturally, Sophia has created an opportunity for all who are curious to experience the bliss of dance through her company, Sophia in Sapphire.

She and her team of Ballroom Dance Specialists have cultivated a “Playful, Big-hearted, and Driven” company culture to successfully train both advanced and beginner students and help them develop confidence on the dance floor.

This allows for students to experience the therapeutic, medicinal and transformative qualities of dance.

With a lifetime of dance education, and extensive training for her professional competition and her dance career, Sophia brings context to dance in the real world by actively reaching out to the local community with fun events, classes and radio, targeted to engage the curious beginner into the daunting world of dance.

Sophia views this as her way of giving back– by helping people feel alive, reconnected and invigorated through dance.

Why Choose Us

+ Professional Instruction – Over 20 years dance and teaching experience
+ Flexible schedule – We are able to teach at any studio anywhere, anytime
+ Passionate – We strongly believe that dance has healing powers! Ask us!
+ No lesson the same – We find your learning style & tailor your experience
+ Company Culture – Playful, Big-hearted, Driven, Enthusiastic, Empathetic
+ Keen on setting logical, yet fresh and exciting milestones for our students
+ We break it down – Our Beginner Experts make it fun, easy & comfortable
+ We’re like Dance Superheroes – Breaking down walls of fear & intimidation
+ Like no other – We’ll challenge you and transform your life through dance!


My Peace Corps experience inspired me to pursue my dream and made me realize a lot.

Not everyone has education opportunities, not everyone can be anything they want to be; people in other countries don’t have the opportunity that we have in the States!

I came back to the US and thought to myself, “I can do anything in my own country; there is no reason why I can’t pursue my dream…!” My dream was to dance and share the benefits of dance with others.

I served in Ukraine, in a village called a Pochaiv. I lived in a tiny village— dirt roads, few amenities, and also with a goat. It was a major decision and commitment—almost 2 ½ years.

My drive was to give back; I was young, healthy, and I wanted to put myself out there to see what skills I could use to help others.

There were a lot of grassroots projects I participated in. I was an English teacher, I revitalized cultural arts and dance projects, and I did so many things that seemed impossible.

As I threw myself at the opportunities and gave it a try, I was able to make things happen out of nothing. That was the turning point.

If I was able to move mountains in a foreign county with limited resources, then I was surely able to pursue a personal dream upon my return to the US! To be honest, I had been holding my dream back for a very long time!

I avoided pursuing dance as much as I could, and rationalized against it, thinking it lacked a “giving back” quality… Boy was I wrong!

After courageously taking a leap of faith, being true to myself and my passion for dance, I quickly realized my purpose and how I am meant to give back to the world, post Peace Corps!

Leap of Faith

By pursuing a dream, I am now able to transform people’s lives through dance! The benefits of dance (including the feel good endorphins), are something that many of us desperately need in our everyday, tech-driven lives.

Like a miracle, dance reconnects us and provides a natural therapy and natural high. Studies show that it is also the only sport aside from ping pong that wards off dementia and Alzheimer’s and engages both lobes of the brain.

I celebrate the fact that I can share the endless benefits of dance with others, and am now proud to say that my service continues after the Peace Corps—by allowing people the opportunity to reconnect with reality and with each other, especially in a tech-driven world that keeps disconnecting us.

Now it is with great gratitude that I am able to share the Blessings of dance with YOU, having taken my Leap of Faith!

Looking forward to Dancing Together!

dancing partners posing after a performance

Dance Lessons

Latin and ballroom dance lessons for every skill level including wedding dance lessons.