Wedding Dance Lessons

The First Dance of the Rest of Your Life

Wedding Dance

We offer dance instruction for brides and grooms to help make your day magical.

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Top 5 Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons

+ De-stress before your wedding; Laugh at yourself and have fun.
+ You are dance partners for life; Get a basic “Dip” under your belt.
+ Gain confidence; Impress them all and get your exercise in.
+ Awesome Photo-ops; Create pictures that will become history
+ Lessons are scheduled quality time; Automatic date night!

Take some time away from the superficial planning and work on cultivating a deeper relationship with your partner, and go for it – bond on a deeper level.

That is one of the most crucial and important parts of the wedding planning process.

Why ignore it?

Be sure to allot some time for your lover and work on your relationship – that’s more important than the cake.

Take a risk, develop a hobby with your one and only true love.

How much is that worth? Priceless!

The First Dance is a moment in time that is not only shared with your significant other, but with your entire family and friends that are watching; they are vicariously experiencing through you, the bliss you are embracing on your wedding day.

You are Dance Partners for life

Why not invest in a solid package of wedding dance lessons before you are married, to solidify all the important survival skills on the dance floor.

Every lady loves a gentleman, and guys – you get tons of points if you show off your class by twirling and dipping your lady on the dance floor.

Learning go to dance moves never goes out of style.

Why wait and keep looking and feeling awkward when you can nip it in the butt from the get-go and fix it?

It’s truly a priceless skill to look suave and confident out there.

There is nothing more attractive than a couple enjoying each other and moving together to a beautiful song on the dance floor.

Let that be you!

Unlike many of the current online videos and approaches for learning to dance, perks to personally taking dance lessons is that the lessons will be strategically tailored to you, and you will get the most out of your time.

From traditional to hip, simple to spectacular, at your wedding dance lessons, you will learn moves and end up with some solid dance skills you thought you never could.

Your first dance can be any variety of ballroom dances, including but not limited to Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing and more, depending on the tempo and style of your wedding song.

Wedding Dance Lessons will allow you to realize your vision for your first dance, have fun, and inspire your guests.

Give the gift not only to yourself, but to your entire family as well. Allow them to enjoy your moment.

So what are you waiting for, take your lover into your arms!

Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced – Contact us today to learn more.

Give the Gift of Dance
Purchase a gift certificate in any amount, for someone you love. Gift certificate amounts for wedding dance lessons can be purchased in any amount and applied towards a package of choice. It’s going to be “The First Dance of the Rest of Your Life…” And the Gift of Dance — priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons do I need?

We recommend our tried and true, friends and family recommended “10 Lesson Dance Challenge.”

Ten lessons allows you to give dancing a fair chance; it gives enough time to build confidence and lets your body learn the new muscle memory.

Any new hobby is the toughest to pick up in the beginning, so stacking lessons closer together when you are just starting out is the best strategy.

Ten lessons allows you to do just that, and then you can taper it off at an enjoyable pace.

We usually do not recommend taking a single lesson, because it takes time to feel good and confident on the dance floor.

Be fair to yourself and set reasonable goals.

Learning to comfortably dance together is an art, and it is usually a good idea to get started at least 3 months ahead of schedule.

However, if you are strapped for time, lessons can be taken individually one lesson at a time, or in a package of 6, discounted accordingly.

We will surely polish you up no matter how last minute plans have evolved.

Any amount of lessons will take your dancing to the next level!

What if I've never taken any dance lessons before?

No worries! We love beginners! And to your advantage we are Dance Superheroes and specialize in teaching beginner students.

Even though we are professional dance instructors, we remember how it feels to be a wall flower gazing upon the dance floor.

Since that time, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping others realize the joy, self-confidence, and downright fun of dancing!

Take it easy, on your very first lesson you will attain basic survival skills for your dancing and get familiarized with some moves.

Do I have to have a partner?

We teach both individuals and partners.  Family groups and Bridal Groups also welcome.

What should I wear to my lessons?

If you would like to make dance your hobby, we recommend dance shoes with suede soles!

You can take your dance shoes to weddings, restaurants, clubs and cruises, and you will enjoy dancing so much more with them on! Dance shoes make it easier to move on the floor, help you have more control, and take the pressure off your knees, ankles and joints.

However, if you are just coming in for just a few lessons for a special event, women should wear heals with straps, leather sole preferred and something comfortable to move in.

We recommend a skirt or dress.

Men should wear dress shoes preferably without rubber soles, and comfortable slacks.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please Contact us directly with any additional questions.

Andrew B

Sophia is beyond a fantastic dance instructor; in fact, she is nothing short of a miracle worker with the way she turned my fiance and me from stiff-legged and nervous inexperienced dancers into confident and poised wedding reception showstoppers. Sophia’s friendly nature, great sense of humor, and kind critiques quickly foster a very comfortable, positive, and close student-teacher relationship. It is also clear from the start that Sophia’s personal dance talent and expertise effectively combines with her experienced eye for understanding her students’ talents and experiences to allow her to create personalized lessons and choreography that challenge the student to strive for advancement in skill and technique while also assuring successful attainment of reasonable goals. With a keen eye for detail and creative strategies for instruction, Sophia also takes the time to point out even the smallest areas of style or technique to polish and helps you do so through simple and understandable demonstrations, analogies, explanations, and tips.

Andrew B
Mark Y

We signed up for 14 dance lessons with Sophia for our wedding 1st dance. Our 1st dance was definitely the highlight of the wedding and we’ve gotten tons of compliments from the guests. Sophia was amazing! She was fun and patient and the dance lessons were paced just right for our skill level. Also, how the routine matched the music was incredible. We felt like performers in “dancing with the stars”. Her attention to detail such as facial expression and hand postures made the dance extra special and this was noticed by many of our guests. Many raved that it was the best 1st dance they’ve ever seen. Best of all, she paced the dance lessons perfectly so that we had enough time to practice and perfect the moves. Even though both my now wife and I had plenty to drink, the dance went without a hitch because we felt so comfortable with it. On top of that, she built in moves into that dance that made for amazing photo ops. Our photographer was blown away. Highly, highly recommended!!

Mark Y

Wedding Dance

We offer dance instruction for brides and grooms to help make your day magical.