Do You Wanna Dance? Radio Show

Do You Wanna Dance? Radio Show

Go from nerdy to flirty with your hostess, Sophia in Sapphire!

Do You Wanna Dance? is a radio talk show that explores the captivating science behind Dance, its benefits, including the “First Dance” experience, and provides valuable resources for Wedding Planning.

The show Introduces the intriguing psychology behind Partner Dancing, including interviews with experts in medicine, health and fitness, to beginner dancers, who will share stories of transformation through dance, including the “First Wedding Dance”.

The show also features successful vendors in the wedding industry, who offer tips and guidance about planning for the big day.

Topics have national relevance and range from DIY (do it yourself) Weddings, to Tips from Wedding Industry experts, to exploring Partner Dancing as a Remedy in our tech driven, modern world.

Additional topics: Dance as Medicine, Exercise, Connection, Anti-Aging, Confidence Building, Healing, Date Night, Fun, Social Life, Therapy, Expression, Art, Self Esteem Boosting, Relationship Bonding, Communication, Body Language etc.

Featuring insightful interviews from the best of the best in the Dance and Wedding World, nationwide (Including Event Planners, DJs, Dancers, Doctors, Nutritionists, Wedding Couples, Professionals, Counselors, Students, Testimonials, etc)

We’re dedicated to answering all your questions about learning to dance in any situation.

Whether you want to create a life-long memory with your first dance as husband and wife, want to be comfortable, confident and charismatic at the dance club on Saturday night, or want to take your current dance steps to the next level, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what you can do to turn your dreams into reality!

Do You Wanna Dance? includes interviews with dancers of all levels who will share their stories of how they learned the joy of dance along with others who support the “first dance as a wedded couple” experience, and will also feature successful vendors in the wedding industry, who will offer tips and guidance about planning for the big day.

Call in to have your specific questions answered by Sophia and her guests!

Win prizes and get the inside information on where to go in town for exciting dance exhibitions, social events and other wedding planning events.

Do You Wanna Dance? features Sophia, a professional competitive ballroom dancer who remembers how it feels to be a wallflower gazing upon the dancers having a great time on the dance floor.

Since that time, she has dedicated her life to helping others realize the joy, self confidence and downright fun of dancing.

As an artist, musician and dancer, Sophia has been able to cultivate a mélange of passion in her work, and has found a way share it with others through dance.

She believes that the benefits of dance (including feel-good endorphins), are something many of us desperately need in our everyday lives.

Naturally, Sophia has created an opportunity for all who are curious to experience the bliss of dance, through her company Sophia in Sapphire, currently based in Las Vegas and the Bay Area.

Sophia and her team of Ballroom and Wedding Dance specialists have cultivated a “playful, big-hearted and driven” company culture to successfully train both advanced and beginner students and help them develop confidence on the dance floor.

This allows for students to experience the therapeutic, medicinal and transformative qualities of dance.

With a lifetime of dance education and extensive training for professional competition and her dance career, Sophia brings context to dance in the real world by actively reaching out to the local community with fun events, classes and radio, targeted to engage a curious beginner into the daunting world of dance.

Sophia views this as her way of giving back– by helping people feel alive, reconnected and invigorated through dance.

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