Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons

Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons

We’ve all heard it before, dancing is what lights the spark and creates chemistry in a relationship.

Whether or not we have rhythm, there is something magical about moving together with another body to music, in each others’ arms.

We all know about the endorphins that release when we hug.

It takes 15 seconds for them to manifest themselves and release in our bodies.

What does that say about dancing in each others’ arms, if not for a 3 minute wedding song, the entire night?

That is where taking wedding dance lessons come in like Superman does, to save the day.

Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons? Radio Interview KLAV 1230 AM Las Vegas

Taking wedding dance lessons is one of the best experiences in the engagement period.

It is a time when you have to face your fears and grow with your partner, trusting the process.

As a result, naturally you will grow together and bond on another level.

The extra cool thing about taking wedding dance lessons is your opportunity to be vulnerable to your partner.

You will make mistakes and you might feel like a total fool.

But owning it, being OK with that, and living through it is impressionable, bold and sexy to your partner, doing something you fear while holding your own is one of the most attractive qualities in any person.

Courage is amazingly attractive.

What better way to prove your courage than be open enough to learn how to dance.

When we are vulnerable, we let our true colors show, we are not hiding, and we can connect on a deeper level.

That is the miracle of wedding dance lessons.

First Wedding Dance ~ Rumba to Michael Buble

Truth be told, a lot of us are daunted by dancing, and at that, taking wedding dance lessons and embarrassing ourselves is not on the top of the list.

I mean, we are talking about not only embarrassing ourselves in the lessons, but in front of our friends and families at the wedding.

Hence, we start out believing that there is no possible way we would ever be able to learn how to dance or get coordinated.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Not only is the fear of dancing scary, but the fear of not having the capacity to be “teachable” is even more embarrassing to our human-hood.

Perfection is at the top of the list when it comes to planning a wedding. Many people use the phrase “to plan a perfect wedding.”

Why is it so important to be perfect, and what does it mean to have a perfect wedding?

If you ask me, the perfect wedding really lies in the perfect connection you have with your partner.

Romantic Wedding Dance Option - 2 Step Demo

Weddings are such an integral part of many of our lives, but a lot of the time it is all surface.

Dancing is the key to body language communication, and starting off on the right foot is not a bad idea, as we all know how crucial first impressions are.

But let’s get down to the bottom of it.

Why are Wedding Dance Lessons Important?

Things have changed with weddings over the years, but one thing stays the same: couples are always drawn to doing some sort of first dance… and rightly so!

It is definitely part of the wedding planning process!

Many couples want to look good on the dance floor and that is their motivation for taking wedding dance lessons.

Dancing Lessons will up your odds for looking spectacular out there and most definitely will help you gain confidence, making the whole ordeal less scary.

Whether you want to learn salsa, tango, swing or any other style of dance, taking wedding dance lessons is the secret tool for enjoying your first dance results.

Your commitment to getting some moves under your belt translates to a higher level of communication and interaction with your partner, ultimately improving your relationship.

It is important for you to be honest and find out what it will take to get your best game on.

The best way to achieve your first dance goals is by practicing more frequently with your partner before and after the wedding dance lessons.

A lot of couples want to add a little fun to their stressful wedding planning routine, so they make the evening into a much needed date night.

This is where investing your time gets put to good use and makes total sense.

What to look for in your wedding dance coach?

Do they concentrate on your fun experience or do they micromanage the lesson?

Your wedding dance specialist should teach you knowledge and skills, no doubt, however, the dance experience is also about de-stressing, having fun and connecting.

The goal with wedding dance lessons is to build confidence for the couples by guiding them through basic movements and making those movements feel good to them.

As a couple continues dancing, they will find blocks and patterns that they don’t necessarily know how to work with.

Wedding dance lessons guide couples to be aware of their bodies and help create the vision for their first dance.

One of the most powerful tools we use with our couples is breaking down the information into bite size pieces.

This is perfect for guiding them to achieve the look they want for their dancing.

Our wedding dance specialists use a technique that quickly reveals simple strategies for surviving the dance floor.

Repetition gets the muscle memory triggered, and that is the key to dance lesson success.

Furthermore, wedding dance lessons are one of the most effective tools available today to deepen your relationship with your partner, and enhance romance in all areas of your relationship.

The effects of wedding dance lessons are truly meaningful and have lasting results.

For those new to dancing, there is evidence that it has been around for ages.

Today, dance lessons are used even in the professional an academic fields.

Dancing lessons engages both lobes of the brain and has even been proven to effectively ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, dance lessons provide students access to a deeper self-awareness and self development of movement and confidence, and how to apply that in real life.

Dancing is a conversation between body and soul.

Dancing bonds two people together in a very special way.

When you dance with your partner, you are sharing your souls with one another.

There is no necessity for words or impressing your partner.

The main, key thing to successful dancing is awareness.

Awareness being present to your partner, to the moment you are sharing, to the unity both of you are entering, both symbolically and physically.

Giving the gift of presence to your partner is giving not only of yourself, which is the biggest gift, but also gives respect and honor to the one you love.

It’s quality time and it’s an expression of love – 100% attention on each other and the commitment you give each other, to make the conversation and relationship flow.

Release of Oxytocin

Moving together and dancing in close proximity is just like hugging and cuddling.

Dancing close, in each other’s arms also releases oxytocin, the happy chemical which is released after a hug or cuddling session.

It is also called the “hug hormone” or “cuddle chemical” has a huge role in love.

Oxytocin has a huge effect on emotion, contributing to relaxation, trust and psychological stability, including reduction of stress.

Dancing also sets the mood for a very romantic night.

And there you go, the true value of wedding dance lessons.

If we admit it, weddings are a dream come true for many, but the dream is the deep connection we all strive for, not the perfect dress or perfect flower arrangement.

The perfect and complete love and bond we vulnerably give to each other that makes it a perfect day.

It’s the perfect promise we stand for to be bonded with each other for each other, forever.

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