10 Benefits of Dancing: Unexpected Reasons to Do It!

10 Benefits of Dancing: Unexpected Reasons to Do It!

#1 It Makes You Feel and Look Sexy

Self confidence and passion are one of the highest rated qualities that make people attractive.

One of the benefits of dancing is that you will learn to express your more sensual side and that takes both confidence and passion!

Even if you feel that you do not have sex appeal, dancing will bring it out of you.

Learning to dance gets you more in touch with your body and moving your hips in ways they usually don’t!

And that’s SEXY!

#2 It is the Epitome of Balance, Yin / Yang and Male / Female Dynamic. And it Feels Awesome!

The exchange of energy between two partners (lead and follow) is intense!

In addition to being flirtatious, dancing requires teamwork for its success.

For that reason, it helps two partners embody their specific roles in the partnership as leader and follower.

As dancers comfortably acknowledge their roles in the dance partnership, the more they can embrace their feminine or masculine essence and be acknowledged for who they are.

The dynamics of dancing are fascinating and can spice up any relationship, strengthening it and bringing people closer together.

When a couple is on the same page, reading signals and musical interpretation, and is comfortable with each other, this is when dance chemistry happen.

Like mentioned before, at first it might be awkward but there is no hiding from each other in this dance.

It is empowering to own your role in the partnership, to show up and be truly seen.

#3 It Stretches Your Comfort Zone

Many of us are uncomfortable to put ourselves out on the dance floor, let alone go out dancing by ourselves.

Having people pay attention to you and watch you dance is a little intimidating at first.


When you dance, you must be seen, and there is no hiding!

That’s why the third benefit of dancing is that it’s downright empowering!

In this way, learning to dance helps the shy and timid break out of their shell, doing things they otherwise wouldn’t do.

Dancing improves self-esteem as dancers muster up the courage to ask members of the opposite sex for a dance and interact with them.

The more you get into dancing, the more you will get in touch with your body and not feel so awkward.

You will start feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

Both on and off the dance floor.

Being seen, appreciated and admired will build an inner confidence and self worth.

#4 It Makes You a Better Lover

Learning to dance is like learning a sexy new language.

This new language of dancing leads one to learn how to have a great conversation (with a dance partner).

As communication skills improve, the passion starts to develop both on and off the dance floor.

As we’ve been told before:

The best relationships have great communication skills, including listening, making conversation, being aware and being thoughtful, which is exactly the skill set great dance partners have.

A powerful benefit of dancing is that connects two people through body movement, which may lead them to become better romantic partners.

No doubt: It takes a long time to become fluent in the dancing language.

Thus, the journey of a dancer usually lasts a lifetime, with always something new to learn and perfect.

#5 It Gets Your Body into Shape

The fifth benefit of dancing is that it not only gets you into shape, it keeps you in shape.

A night of dancing burns 400-500 calories per hour!

Dancing is one of the best cardio exercises out there, and the best part is that it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

You can skip the gym and still feel the workout in your torso and legs after doing it.

In addition, talk about improving your reflexes.

Aside from dancing being a whole body workout, it also is a total mental workout as well…

#6 It Increases Your IQ!

Dancing is not only a wonderful creative outlet, it’s a fantastic mental stimulant.

Learning dance requires a lot of mental processes.

Studies even show that learning to dance reverses dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

An important benefit of dancing is that it requires you to think in a different way, creating new neural pathways, which inevitably reprograms your brain and increases intelligence.

#7 It’s Liberating, Relaxing and Allows you to “Let Go”

couple looking at the camera and dancing

We all worry about making mistakes and failing.

But when you are out dancing, you’ve got to let it go and be OK with it.

All of us have insecurities, and we make mistakes.

We have to remember that it’s okay!

Dancing is not about a perfect performance.

In fact, the perfection of dancing is about the spontaneity, enjoyment and the fun, not flawless mechanics.

What can be better in life than the liberating sense of surrender?

And that’s what you get with dancing in all its glory: YOU surrendering to the music, your partner and the moment…

…The most refreshing and relaxing thing EVER.

Finally letting go of Ego and Control!

That alone is one of the greatest benefits of dancing.

#8 It Requires You to Be Present and in the Moment

Dancing is an “in the moment” activity that requires you to be fully engaged.

In order to be successful at the dance, you must focus on navigating your body to the music and your partner, and being present.

The dance is so fast, there is no time to focus on anything else.

Naturally, problems of the world dissipate as dancers exude happiness and enjoy the chemistry on the dance floor.

What is there not to love?

#9 It Lets You Express Yourself

One of the greatest benefits of dancing is that it gives you an opportunity to take chances, and therefore and the opportunity to express yourself.

Since expression is unique to everyone, every single dance will be different in every case.

By showcasing footwork and style, dancers are free to interpret the music in their own creativity, usually focusing on rhythm and timing to accentuate their expression.

In a social dance setting, one has no control over the music or its speed, so the moves have to be generated on the spot.

This creates an exciting element of spontaneity and letting yourself be yourself… in the moment.

#10 It Makes You Happier!

The interactions we have with others often affect the way we feel about life.

Can you imagine what a night of smiling, laughing and dancing with a bunch of new friends does to your psychological well being?

That’s why the last and arguably most important benefit of dancing is that it uplifts you and makes you happier!

Studies show that social life has a correlation to our happiness levels.

In addition, studies show that the endorphins we release while dancing also strongly affect our happiness levels, shooting them through the roof!

It makes us feel like a million bucks.

Joining a community has a profound impact on our sense of belonging, which is a human need just like food and shelter.

So now you see why joining a dance community just might be the best thing ever!

Everyone is in it together.

Many dancers openly encourage each other with smiles on the dance floor and it makes you feel like you are a part of something greater, one of the best feelings.

Now I want to hear from you!

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing about dancing.

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  • by Michaela Hemsley Posted May 25, 2021 1:51 pm

    I like that you said that dancing can help you get into shape. I have been looking for a fun way to get in shape this summer. I will have to look into taking some fun dance classes.

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