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Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons – Newsflash: Online + Zoom Dance Packages Now Available

Whether you only have time for a few sessions, or you’d like to become a skilled ballroom dancer, our instructors are here to help you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Get some moves and survival skills that will be more than just a one time thing. Feel like you know what you are doing! We offer private lessons for individuals, or partners and couples. All lessons are 45 minutes long and will be customized for your skill level and the desired dance moves you’d like to learn. Whether you’re interested in ballroom, waltz, or Latin dances like salsa and tango, we’re ready to inspire you and jump-start your dancing journey!

Private Lessons

We offer dance instruction for every skill level, including groups and wedding dance lessons.

Sophia in Sapphire Dance Studio offers salsa lessons, swing dance lessons, tango lessons, country dance (line and two-step) lessons and classes for nearly every other classic or contemporary style of dance.

Single Lesson
Not sure if dancing is for you? Want to get to know us? You are welcome to schedule your first lesson and come in to receive your very own dance evaluation! In your lesson we will see how you move and check in with where you are at. At the end of the lesson, we will debrief and come up with a personally tailored plan for your dancing, including package options that would make the most sense for you and your dancing goals.

6 Lesson Package
Six lessons is our smallest package, and manifests itself as a good option for anyone under a time constraint. By the end of this package, you will get some survival skills, and the muscle memory will just start to kick in. If you are strapped for time and have got to make a good impression, go with this package. Although, to be honest, you will get a lot more out of our 10 lesson package, which is our friends and family favorite.

10 Lesson Dance Challenge
Our most popular package will get you the moves and confidence and gives you a fair chance to check out what dancing is all about. You will have enough time to start developing muscle memory and get a set of moves under your belt. Use your lessons however you’d like, learn several dances or polish up your favorite dance! Your dance specialist will help guide the way with a personally tailored plan for your dancing, right after your first lesson with us.

Lessons are scheduled twice a week and completed within a five week period.

Check out this video clip below of Amanda and Chad! They were both beginner dancers wanting to learn how to Salsa. They signed up for the 10 Lesson Dance Challenge and this is what the result was! More videos from classes in our Instagram Reels, follow @sophiainsapphire

Give the Gift of Dance
Purchase a gift certificate in any amount, for someone you love. Gift certificate amounts for dance lessons can be applied towards any package of choice.

Why Choose Us

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Professional Instruction – Over 20 years dance and teaching experience
+ Flexible schedule – We are able to teach at any studio anywhere, anytime
+ Passionate – We strongly believe that dance has healing powers! Ask us!
+ No lesson the same – We find your learning style & tailor your experience
+ Company Culture – Playful, Big-hearted, Driven, Enthusiastic, Empathetic
+ Keen on setting logical, yet fresh and exciting milestones for our students
+ We break it down – Our Beginner Experts make it fun, easy & comfortable
+ We’re like Dance Superheroes – Breaking down walls of fear & intimidation
+ Like no other – We’ll challenge you and transform your life through dance!

How many lessons do I need?

We recommend our tried and true, friends and family recommended “10 Lesson Dance Challenge”.

Ten lessons allows you to give dancing a fair chance; it gives enough time to build confidence and lets your body learn the new muscle memory.

Any new hobby is the toughest to pick up in the beginning, so stacking lessons closer together when you are just starting out is the best strategy.

Ten lessons allows you to do just that, and then you can continue at whatever enjoyable pace you decide.

We usually do not recommend taking a single lesson, because it takes time to feel good and confident on the dance floor.

Be fair to yourself and set reasonable goals.

TIP: Learning to dance is like learning a new hobby; the more you do it at the start, the quicker you learn and solidify the skills.

Scheduling your lessons closer together ensures quicker results and dramatically affects your learning growth curve.

However, ultimately we will focus on your needs and tailor your personal dancing experience to you.

Depending on budget, time constraints, and your dance goals, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Any amount of lessons will take your dancing to the next level!

What if I've never taken any dance lessons before?

No worries! We love beginners! And to your advantage we are Dance Superheroes and specialize in teaching beginner students. Even though we are professional dance instructors, we remember how it feels to be a wall flower gazing upon the dance floor. Since that time, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping others realize the joy, self-confidence, and downright fun of dancing! Take it easy, on your very first lesson you will attain basic survival skills for your dancing and get familiarized with some moves.

Do I have to have a partner?

We teach both individuals and partners.

What should I wear to my lessons?

If you would like to make dance your hobby, we recommend dance shoes with suede soles! You can take your dance shoes to weddings, restaurants, clubs and cruises, and you will enjoy dancing so much more with them on! Dance shoes make it easier to move on the floor, help you have more control, and take the pressure off your knees, ankles and joints. However, if you are just coming in for just a few lessons for a special event, women should wear heals with straps, leather sole preferred and something comfortable to move in. We recommend a skirt or dress. Men should wear dress shoes preferably without rubber soles, and comfortable slacks.

Mike S

Taking ballroom dance lessons has always been on my wife's bucket list, so I decided to surprise her for our anniversary. The dance lessons ended up being a great gift idea, and my wife loved it. We initially signed up for the 10 Lesson Dance Challenge which included ten private dance lessons and unlimited group classes at the studio. Sophia gave us the opportunity we needed to make dancing an enjoyable hobby and a fun idea for date night. So far we have learned basic steps in a variety of ballroom and Latin dances, as Sophia does well exposing you to the go-to moves. We even discovered that we enjoyed Latin dancing and swing. If you are looking to hire a dance instructor that clicks or to book dance lessons, this dance school has it going on. In addition to tackling our exercise and fitness goals, we have been able to make friends with other beginner dancers and enjoy Sophia's dance outings as a group activity. Dance lessons have become a bonding activity that sparked our romantic relationship (even better than couples therapy), especially now that I have confidence to dip my wife on the dance floor like a boss.

Mike S
Sharon H

Sophia was fantastic! My husband and I had never danced together before. We wanted to learn social dancing so that we could do something new together. We both love music and the movement of dancing that creates the feeling of a special closeness. And yet, we didn't know how to reach that goal on our own. Enter Sophia! She is a wonderful teacher. Engaging, relaxed, and so talented. She made the process of learning so easy. We were dancing together within minutes. Sophia instilled a new confidence where we had none. She was always upbeat and confident that we would master each new step. And, she can dance any part, with any partner, to any music. We could not have been more thrilled and satisfied. We will be in her studio every time we're in Las Vegas. Look for us on the dance floor, we'll be the couple looking into each other's eyes and beaming from the fun that Sophia has unlocked.

Sharon H

Private Lessons

We offer dance instruction for every skill level, including groups and wedding dance lessons.