Whether you’re already taking lessons with us, or you’re still convinced that you have two left feet, our Group Classes will help you get out and dancing in the real world. We focus on showing you practical, survival dance skills, palatable for the total beginner and fun for all level dancers.

Dances that we learn are specifically geared for getting you coordinated and exposed to what’s out there.  Dances include everything from Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tango, Waltz, Swing, Hustle, Country and more! Every Thursday at 7:30 pm we teach you moves can be used in today’s current “social dance” scene. Follow our Instagram to get a discount on our 10 Class Pass!

sophia leading a group lesson

Group Classes

We offer dance instruction for singles, couples and groups at every skill level and genre.

Every Thursday @ 7:30 pm
5875 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 206
Las Vegas NV 89118

Learn basic survival skills that will be more than just a one time thing. We will be dipping our toes in a variety of moves to get the body moving and feeling more natural on the dance floor.

Jump-start your dancing journey, Get set up with go-to moves, and Get out dancing in the Real World! We have dance lessons weekly with fun peeps (Singles, Couples, Beginners especially welcome!), with one common goal: to survive on the Dance Floor, Look Amazing, and Gain enough confidence to actually go out dancing (with friends or strangers)!

Sophia in Sapphire is a one-stop shop: We have group classes to get you set up with go-to moves AND we take you out dancing in the Real World to use them! We esteem a tried and true teaching method by breaking down the basics, and making dance accessible for anyone. We have group classes and parties. However, implementing Private Dance Lessons is not a bad way to give justice to your dancing. Ask about our Insider perks after the class.

Learn how to twirl, dip, even how to ask someone to dance! Each month we will be learning a specific dance to USE and moves to IMPLEMENT on our “Dance Field Trips” with Dine Dance & Date™ Outings. Classes are hosted by Sophia in Sapphire’s award winning staff, who will help assimilate you into Real-Life, Social-Dance situations. Remember the Value of these Classes, as they are tailored for learning dances that are applicable to the current, social dance scene in Las Vegas.

Check out this video clip below! It’s from a special event we did at the Lake Las Vegas Sports club: These were all beginner dancers, and after 45 minutes, this is what the result was! More videos from classes in our Instagram Reels, follow @sophiainsapphire

Why Join Us

+ We have a ton of fun!
+ It’s a very easy way to quickly become comfortable with dance basics.
+ It’s a great way to meet amazing people who also like to have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes open to the public?

Yes! And for First Timers who like our facebook page and show local Nevada ID, get a discount on our 10 Class Pass! All group classes may be attended on a drop in bases, or on a discounted monthly / punch card program. Classes are open to anyone that would like to work on their dance moves, meet great people and have fun.

Do I have to come with a partner?

Not at all! Whether you are coming with a partner or as an individual, there are always plenty of people to dance with. We also make sure to mix up the group so you can practice dancing with different people.

What should I wear to the dance class?

We recommend that women wear dance shoes or strappy heals and something classy to move and dance in. We suggest wearing a skirt or dress so you can feel the full effect of the dance movements. We recommend that men wear dress shoes and comfortable slacks.

Do you plan on starting these Introduction to Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes in my area?

We are definitely interested in hosted group classes for special events and at other locations! Please contact us and let us know where you’re located.  Off site classes are tailored to your specific private or corporate event.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please contact us directly with any additional questions.

John & Marina

Sophia is a terrific instructor. She is able to break down the dance steps and make it relatively easy to learn the basic steps and then build a routine. The group classes are a lot of fun and by the end of the 45 minute group class we have learned the basics of a dance (different dance each week). We have tried other group classes and invariably the instructors would move extremely fast past the basic steps and try to cram so much stuff into the lesson that ultimately the lesson was just frustrating. Sophia is also great with individual lessons, is exceptional about instilling confidence and is really patient. I highly recommend Sophia and hope to see more people at her classes!

John & Marina
Sol B

I had a girlfriend who left me because I didn’t know how to dance. I considered taking dance lessons but, going to a teacher that only expected me to just follow his steps didn’t really help me in any way. So, I decided to forget about it. And for years, I did. Until, out of the blue, a friend invited me to Sophia’s dance classes. I didn’t really want to go and at first I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. WOW!! I am grateful that I gave my self the opportunity to come to Sophia’s class. Sophia has that special touch for teaching. She has the skill to breakdown and explain each step and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before. I couldn’t believe how fun it was!!! Sophia’s personality will make you feel welcome and the good energy is contagious. All other members I met also made me feel comfortable and were more than willing to help. If you’re thinking about joining, then come prepared to have a lot of FUN.

Sol B

Group Classes

We offer dance instruction for singles, couples, groups at every skill level and genre.