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You’re one shimmy closer to the dance floor! We offer private and small group dance lessons in Las Vegas and the Bay Area.  We also have weekly group practice sessions with our Meetup group events.Learn More
Our wedding dance specialists can help make your first dance one to remember forever.  We can also add some fun to our wedding with group lessons for the entire Bridal Party!Learn More
Do You Wanna Dance? is a radio talk show streaming to a worldwide audience every week. Our show is dedicated to exploring dance topics in a new and interesting way while also providing valuable resources for wedding planning.Learn More

The First Dance of the Rest of Your Life…

“There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them!”

Welcome from Sophia in Sapphire! Turn to us to jump-start your dancing journey; We are ready to inspire you and transform your “First Dance” experience!

Look amazing out on the dance floor—exude confidence, style and feel like you know what you’re doing. Get the basic survival skills and moves that will be more than just a one time thing.

Sophia in Sapphire will give your the opportunity to experience dance chemistry, a true release of stress and a surge of endorphins.

Discover bliss and reconnect with another human being; celebrate life. Sophia in Sapphire transforms your dance experience into an expression of what makes you, you!

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