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Dancing is a conversation between body and soul.

When you dance with your partner, you are sharing your souls with one another.

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Top 5 Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons

Acclaimed as wedding dance specialists, Sophia in Sapphire was featured in the Spotlight section of the 2014 winter edition of Las Vegas Wedding Magazine.

A brief survey of Sophia in Sapphire wedding couples revealed that dancing is definitely a highlight of your wedding planning experience!  Here is what our couples had to say about the benefits of dance lessons before your wedding day:

  1. “De-stress before your wedding; Laugh at yourself and have fun.”
  2. “You are dance partners for life; Get a basic “Dip” under your belt.”
  3. “Gain confidence; Impress them all and get your exercise in.”
  4. “Awesome Photo-ops; Create pictures that will become history”
  5. “Lessons are scheduled quality time; Automatic date night!