Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons


First off, let me just share with you that learning how to dance at your wedding is extremely important– and wedding dance lessons should definitely be a part of your wedding planning. It’s not only important because everyone is staring at you and the pressure is on to pull it off without looking like a fool, but the dance in itself is a special, historical moment in time.

The First Dance is a moment in time that is not only shared with your significant other, but with your entire family and friends that are watching; they are vicariously experiencing through you, the bliss you are embracing on your wedding day.

Dancing is the key to body language communication, and starting off on the right foot is not a bad idea, as we all know how crucial first impressions are. But let’s get down to the bottom of it… Why are Wedding Dance Lessons important?

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Dancing is Bonding


Dancing bonds two people together in a very special way. There is no necessity for words or impressing your partner.

The main, key thing to successful dancing is awareness. Awareness… being present to your partner, to the moment you are sharing, to the unity both of you are entering, both symbolically and physically.

Giving the gift of presence to your partner is giving not only of yourself, which is the biggest gift, but also gives respect and honor to the one you love. It’s quality time and it’s an expression of love– 100% attention on each other and the commitment you give each other, to make the conversation and relationship flow.


Release of Oxytocin


Moving together and dancing in close proximity is just like hugging and cuddling. Dancing close, in each other’s arms also releases oxytocin, the happy chemical which is released after a hug or cuddling session. You may have heard that after 15 seconds of hugging, there is a feel good chemical that is released, and it’s name is oxytocin.

It is also called the “hug hormone” or “cuddle chemical” has a huge role in love. Oxytocin has a huge effect on emotion, contributing to relaxation, trust and phycological stability, including reduction of stress.  Dancing also sets the mood for a very romantic night.

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You are Dance Partners for life


Why not invest in a solid package of wedding dance lessons before you are married, to solidify all the important survival skills on the dance floor. Every lady loves a gentleman, and guys– you get tons of points if you show off your class by twirling and dipping your lady on the dance floor.

Learning go to dance moves never go out of style. Why wait and keep looking and feeling awkward when you can nip it in the butt from the get go and fix it?

It’s truly a priceless skill, to look suave out there, confident.

There is nothing more attractive than a couple enjoying each other and moving together to a beautiful song on the dance floor. Let that be you!


Wedding Dance Pro


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