WHY LEARN TO DANCE for Your Wedding–

Is it worth the investment?

First off, let me share with you that learning how to dance at your wedding is extremely important.

AND wedding dance lessons should definitely be a part of your wedding planning.

It’s not only important because everyone is staring at you and the pressure is on to pull it off without looking like a fool, but the dance in itself is a special, historical moment in time.


The First Dance is a moment in time that is not only shared with your significant other, but with your entire family and friends that are watching; they are vicariously experiencing through you, the bliss you are embracing on your wedding day.

Dancing is the key to body language communication, and starting off on the right foot is not a bad idea, as we all know how crucial first impressions are.

Wedding Dance Lessons
Wedding Dance Lessons


But let’s get down to the bottom of it… Why are Wedding Dance Lessons important?

Learning “go-to” dance moves never goes out of style. Why wait and keep looking and feeling awkward when you can nip it in the butt from the get go and fix it? Things have changed with Weddings over the years, but one thing stays the same, Couples are always drawn to doing some sort of First Dance… and rightly so!  It is definitely part of the Wedding Planning process!

Many couples want to look good on the dance floor and that is their motivation for taking Wedding Dance Lessons.  Dancing Lessons will up your odds for looking spectacular out there and most definitely will help you gain confidence, making the whole ordeal less scary.

Your commitment to getting some moves under your belt translates to a higher level of communication and interaction with your partner, therefore ultimately improving your relationship.

It is important for you to always be honest… Find out what will it take to get your best dance “game” on.  The best way to achieve your First Dance goals is by practicing more frequently with your fiance before and after the wedding dance lessons.  A lot of couples want to add a little fun to their stressful wedding planning routine, so they make the evening into a much needed date night.  This is where investing your time and money gets put to good use and makes total sense.

The effects of Wedding Dance Lessons are truly meaningful and have lasting results.

For those new to dancing, there is evidence that dancing has been around for ages.  Today, Dance lessons are used even in the professional and academic fields.  Dancing lessons engage both lobes of the brain and have even been proven to effectively ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Furthermore, dance lessons provide students access to a deeper self-awareness and self development of movement and confidence, and how to apply that in real life.

Unlike many of the current online videos and approaches for learning to dance, perks to personally taking dance lessons is that the lessons will be strategically tailored to you, and you will get the most out of your time and money. Wedding Dance Lessons will allow you to realize your vision for your first dance, have fun, and inspire your guests.  Give the gift not only to yourself, but to your entire family as well.  Allow them to enjoy your moment.  So what are you waiting for, take your lover into your arms!

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