Ballroom Dance Shoes & More!


Do not scrimp on a Good Ballroom Dance Shoe; You want to look as great as possible on your Special Occasion in the most comfort possible. Good Dance Shoes will strongly affect your experience; They will help you get from feeling like a Clunky Dinosaur to a Metamorphosized Butterfly. Not guaranteed, but probable!

  • Each Shoe has Suede Soles, which is an essential element that enhances Coordination & Confidence
  • Dance shoes provide the Comfort & Support you need to acquire more Grace & Mobility
  • Take Dance Shoes to your Lessons, Special Occasions, Clubs & Weddings
  • Extend the hours dancing on your feet
  • Look like you know what you are doing on the Dancefloor

Our Ballroom Dance Shoes are carefully selected, with high reviews and are favorites among Beginner and Avid Dancers alike