Confidence and Empowerment

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Show

Topic: Confidence and Empowerment
Host: Sophia in Sapphire
Co-host: Magic Al Jensen
With Guests: La Ritchhart from La Marie Portraiture and Brianna Michelle from Beauty by Bri

Talking Points

This week we will discuss the following issues:

  • Significance of healthy self image
  • “Strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could”
  • Challenging goals as a way to blast through fears and unveiling what true beauty is
  • How aesthetics help reframe our mind and influence positive self confidence
  • What it takes to feel flawless, feel beautiful, sexy and alive
  • What is Boudoir and Beauty portraiture– It’s role in boosting Self Esteem
  • How photography portrays our beauty in a new reality
  • Confidence and Empowerment Tip #1: True beauty = Confidence from Within
  • Confidence and Empowerment Tip #2: How we look is making a statement to the world and ourselves
  • Confidence and Empowerment Tip #3: Try wearing red and other bold colors to battle insecurity
  • Why is makeup more important than the clothes you wear
  • Take courage and transform an ordinary experience into something profound

Confidence and Empowerment Show Archive 7/23/14

La Ritchhart Bio

La Ritchhart has been a photographer for over 14 years and fell in love with Boudoir Photography because of it’s “special magic” that makes every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and alive.  She believes that women struggle about feel pretty and are constantly trying to live up to society’s image of “beautiful”. Boudoir & Beauty Photography give La the ability to change the perspective of women, help them gain confidence and empowerment, and change the way they see themselves.  It has become her life’s work and passion to give every woman the gift to truly love herself for who she is.  Many women do not feel good enough, pretty enough, and that is where La comes in to save the day.

La Marie Portraiture clients are soccer moms, military spouses, cancer survivors, business women and everyday women who don’t realize how truly beautiful they are.  La brings women into her studio and provides them a team of beauty artists who are able to transform any client into the supermodel she’s always dreamed she could be. La claims that this experience is life changing, as it allows a woman to discover how others sees herself in a positive light, often for the first time.

La shoots with natural light, which creates timeless, classic portraiture, and celebrate the incredible woman that each of us is. La states that the portraits capture the truth of our beauty, which is a priceless keepsake and a legacy of the vibrant, gorgeous woman inside of us.  La Richhart would be honored to do your personal boudoir or beauty session along with her all-female staff . . . “See yourself in a whole new way.”

For more info Check out: La Marie Portraiture

Photography by La Ritchhart
Photography by La RitchhartOwner of La Marie Portraiture

Brianna Michelle Bio

From her earliest memories, Brianna Michelle has always been drawn to beauty and glamour.  Licensed in Aesthetics in the state of Nevada, Brianna has worked with nationally recognized beauty brands such as Chanel, Dior and Stila.  On a regular basis, Brianna shares with her clients that “you too can find your personal style through makeup!”  Brianna has shared her approach and perspective on beauty on national television where she has appeared on The Dr. Steve Show offering makeup techniques for clients suffering from acne and rosacea. In addition, Brianna aims to empower women through her makeup knowledge and expertise,as a contributing writer at She has showcased her makeup skills at various fashion shows including Christian Siriano, Project Runway’s Season 4 Winner, charity event for the Humane Society, and has also covered celebrity makeup looks at the Billboard Music Awards 2012.

”By sharing my personal experiences, and my knowledge in the beauty industry, I hope to offer value, excitement and confidence to women of all ages by bridging the gap from makeup artist to client.” “Brianna’s passion for beauty and fashion is infectious”, said a friend, “Her inner beauty   comes alive when you see her…you cannot fail, but to fall in love with her. “

Brianna was a victim of bullying and a weight problem at a young age.  Through her experience, Brianna advocates that beauty truly comes from having confidence and empowerment from within. Educating and empowering women through her website Makeup Minutes. Com, Brianna helps women learn how to bring out there inner glamour through the power of makeup.  Brianna is a Las Vegas Makeup Artist, Liscensed Esthetician, Founder and Host of Makeup

For more info Check out: Beauty By Brianna and  Makeup Minutes

Brianna Michelle
Brianna MichelleOwner of Beauty by Bri

Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial from Beauty By Bri!

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