Celebrity Fitness Trainer: Kent Buckner

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Show

Topic: Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tips
Host: Sophia in Sapphire
Co-host: Magic Al Jensen
With Guest: Kent Buckner, Former NBA Shooting Coach, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Talking Points

This week we will discuss the following topics:

      • Tips from a Celebrity Fitness Trainer: methods on achieving your goals, in athletics and in life
      • Insight on Movement, Training, Focus, what it takes to be a Pro
      • The vision of competition, rehearsal time, practice time
      • Visualize doing the training and then to follow through in doing
      • When you work out, your endorphin levels in your body is released
      • Kent Buckner: Head Basketball and Olympic Coach
      • Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tip #1: Positive imagery gives motivation to complete drills
      • Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tip #2: The “can’t do” mindset disappears once a person visualizes how it can be done
      • Physical attributes contribute a lot to our attraction to the opposite sex
      • Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tip #3: Incorporating a workout routine will keep you ageless, sexy and fit
      • What it take to be a Pro in Sports and Dance and how they are related

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tips: Show Archive 7/30/14



  •  20 Years of Professional/Certified Personal Health & Wellness Fitness Trainer
  •  22 Years of Professional Coaching Experience
  •  Shooting Coach for the Atlanta Hawks Players
  •  Personal Shooting Coach to WNBA & Olympic Gold Medalist-Teresa Edwards
  •  Shooting Coach & Trainer for the NBDL-Charleston Lowgators Team
  •  4 State Championship High School Teams (Georgia & South Carolina)
  •  Effective Customer Service thru Day to Day Relationship Management with Clients
  •  Strong team leadership skills and development/evaluation of players
  •  Independent, well versed, extremely organized, efficient, and process oriented in the execution of plans/ initiatives

For more information on Kent Buckner, Former NBA Shooting Coach, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, visit Kent’s Facebook

Kent Buckner
Kent BucknerFormer NBA Shooting Coach, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

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