Wedding Planning – Do You Need Wedding Dance Lessons?

By |Jun 2016|

WHY LEARN TO DANCE for Your Wedding–
Is it worth the investment?

But let’s get down to the bottom of it… Why are Wedding Dance Lessons important?
Learning “go-to” dance moves never goes out of style. Why […]

Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons

By |Aug 2015|

Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons

First off, let me just share with you that learning how to dance at your wedding is extremely important– and wedding dance lessons should definitely be a part […]

How Couples Get Results with Wedding Dance Lessons

By |Mar 2015|

Things have changed with Weddings over the years, but one thing stays the same, Couples are always drawn to doing some sort of First Dance… and rightly so!  It is definitely part of the […]

Wedding Dance Lessons – Bond With Your Lover

By |Mar 2015|

The Miracle behind Wedding Dance Lessons…. And what they truly do for you.
We’ve all heard it before, dancing is what lights the spark and creates chemistry in a relationship. Whether or not we have […]