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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Show

Topic: Business is a Dance
Host: Sophia in Sapphire
Co-host: Magic Al Jensen
With Guest: William Meers, Meers Venture Productions

Talking Points

This week we will discuss the following topics:

      • Being in tune with your Client what they are saying and what they want
      • What dancing teaches you in your business to help you serve your clients better
      • Partners/relationships – give and take, leading, knowing the moves, timing
      • Effective communication, body language, tonality, content, having more patience
      • Focus on where to take the lead and where to follow; Effective communication and infinite patience play a huge part
      • How to Enjoy Your Stress-Free Time Rich Life
      • Why business is a dance – Must be on time with business or deals don’t happen
      • Leading and Following in Business for success
      • When you get the moves right it is so much fun, like in business and in dance
      • Business is a Dance Tip #1: Meet people where they are without pushing boundaries
      • Business is a Dance Tip #2: Be selective with who you chose to do business with/ partner with in dance
      • Infinite patience and unconditional love are important foundation principles for running your business or learning how to dance
      • Putting people at ease with “That’s not a problem”
      • Great attitude, happy clients vs. Attitude, Clash in personality
      • When is is it appropriate to fire a client or partner (business or dance) – Firing clients who aren’t on board 100%

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William runs a private consulting firm with top tier companies around the world, helping them setup
campaigns that dominate their respective market places. He works exclusively with coaches, consultants and thought leaders to get paid the 7 figures they deserve while enjoying their stress free and time rich life in less than 90 days, guaranteed. William’s number one goal is to get you the most profit and growth in your business as possible within 90 days.

William also loves to dance. He draws strong parallels from dance and implements dance techniques to strengthen good business skills as well. He states that it is important to take note and focus on where to take the lead and where to follow. He states that good business is a dance and includes effective communication with your client, and infinite patience that goes along with it. He believes that it is important to be aware and know the right moves in order to seal the deal.

A natural at both dance and business, William welcomes anyone who is struggling with getting the clients they need, or getting paid what they deserve to get in touch with him. William can help you get some serious and rapid improvements to your business. Most consultants consult and never help implement the strategies discussed. William takes an extremely different approach and will show you how to as well. Start with a free consultation to determine what you can be doing right now to bring in more profits.

Consultants Go Here
Business Owners Go Here

For more information on William Meers visit Meers Venture Productions or Call 800-411-6472

William Meers
William MeersOwner of Meers Venture Productions

Meers Venture Productions

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