The concept behind the name is this: Through experiencing dance chemistry, a true release of stress and a surge of endorphins, it simply feels regal to be embraced by something so wonderful and intrinsic in life.  As Dancers on the floor, we emulate the brilliance of jewels.  Like a gem, poetry in its own essence, we glisten as we whimsically celebrate life through dance…  As if we were clothed in jewels– Sapphires, so pure and true, yet on fire sparkling with intense cool, blue hues.  Kind of like when you put on a fresh new pair of clothes, the effect is sometimes so psychologically profound, one can instantly feel new and clean.  Likewise, Dancing has a similar effect on the psyche.

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Three words to describe Sophia are: Playful, Big-hearted and Driven.  Naturally, the company culture at Sophia in Sapphire has molded itself around these concepts.  Sophia has cultivated a mélange of artistry and precision that has been implemented into Sophia in Sapphire’s dance instruction and exhibition.  She believes that this sort of yin and yang is what makes Dance an attractive hobby; not only is dance fun, but the benefit of it’s ability to affect the brain’s neuroplasticity is invaluable.

Dancing is a feel-good activity and its endorphins are priceless– With that in mind, the Ballroom Dance Specialists at Sophia in Sapphire are keen on having logical, yet fresh and exciting milestones for our students.   We believe that tracking progress, achieving results and cultivating an inspiration within are all important aspects of the captivating essence of dance. We train both advanced and beginner students proficiently, as our goal for our students is to feel a confidence on the dance floor, which sparks that inherent enjoyment of dance we all crave.  However big or small the aspiration, we will get you there in a fun and direct way.

The Ballroom Dance Specialists at Sophia in Sapphire have been fortunate to be extensively trained for certification by Arthur Murray International and DVIDA in both American and International Styles.  Members of the team include award winning instructors with strong morale, with current membership in the N.D.C.A.  Also represented on the team are current competing professionals.  We strive to bring out the best in our students, and actively engage them into the world of dance through various mediums such as social events and showcases, in addition to their curriculum.


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