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You’re one shimmy closer to the dance floor! Learn more about the 10 Lesson Dance Challenge! We offer private and small group dance lessons in Las Vegas and the Bay Area.  We also have “Dine Dance and Date” Social Events!Learn More
Our wedding dance lessons can help make your first dance one to remember forever.  We can also add some fun to our wedding with group lessons for the entire Bridal Party!Learn More
Do You Wanna Dance? is a radio talk show streaming to a worldwide audience every week. Our show is dedicated to exploring dance topics in a new and interesting way while also providing valuable resources for wedding planning.Learn More


  • We break it down – Our Beginner Experts make it fun, easy & comfortable
  • We’re like Dance Superheroes – Breaking down walls of fear & intimidation
  • Tons of 5-Star Reviews on Yelp!
  • No dance lessons are the same – We find your learning style & tailor your experience
  • Professional Expertise – Our instructors continuously train & compete nationally
  • Flexible schedule – We are able to teach at a studio closest to you, anytime
  • Passionate – We strongly believe that dance has healing powers! Ask us!
  • Company Culture – Playful, Big-hearted, Driven, Enthusiastic, Empathetic
  • Keen on setting logical, yet fresh and exciting milestones for our students
  • Like no other – We’ll challenge you and transform your life through dance lessons!

Whether you only have time for a few sessions, or you’d like to become a skilled ballroom dancer, we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Get some moves and survival skills that will be more than just a one time thing. Feel like you know what you are doing! We offer private dance lessons for individuals and partners. All dance lessons are 45 minutes long and will be customized for your skill level and the desired dance moves you’d like to learn. We are ready to inspire you and jump-start your dancing journey! Learn more about how our dance lessons work.



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  • Wedding Planning – Do You Need Wedding Dance Lessons?

Wedding Planning – Do You Need Wedding Dance Lessons?

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  • Book Your First Dance Bootcamp with us!

Book Your First Dance Bootcamp with us!

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  • Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons

Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons

Top 3 Reasons for Wedding Dance Lessons

First off, let me just share with you that learning how to dance at your wedding is extremely important– and wedding dance lessons should definitely be a part […]

It’s Time for Dance Lessons

It’s now, OR NOW!

“There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them!”

Welcome from Sophia in Sapphire! Turn to us to jump-start your dancing journey; We are ready to inspire you and transform your “First Dance” experience!

Look amazing out on the dance floor—exude confidence, style and feel like you know what you’re doing. Get the basic survival skills and moves that will be more than just a one time thing.

Sophia in Sapphire will give your the opportunity to experience dance chemistry, a true release of stress and a surge of endorphins.

Discover bliss and reconnect with another human being; celebrate life. Dance Lessons with Sophia in Sapphire will transform your dance experience into an expression of what makes you, you!

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What Our Clients Say in a Sentence or Two

Sophia helps break down the walls of fear and intimidation that beginner dancers typically have and makes learning how to dance fun and easy.
Louis S.
Sophia is gifted in her teaching ability, is very professional and detail oriented, knows and understands dancing, and delivers quality results with the dance lessons. A true pleasure to work with!! Recommend highly!!
Alexander H.
Sophia is an amazing teacher. She made it easy to comprehend and do the basics at that is saying a lot since I am quite rhythmically challenged! Highly recommended for dance lessons.
John E.

What Our Singles are Saying

If you want to learn to dance, look no further! I am a middle-aged woman who had given up on learning to dance, having tried a big name studio in the past. In just 6 lessons, Sophia has given me confidence and taught me several dances! She is patient and knows that everyone learns differently, so she adapts the lessons to you. The packages include 10 private lessons and 10 group beginner lessons to practice with a variety of dance partners, who are all very nice people. Trust me: it is MUCH better for a woman to learn from another woman, because she can teach you the woman’s part in detail and also lead when you practice.
Debbie ~ June 2016
Nothing trains our brain and body simultaneously better than ballroom dancing does. I can not even begin to describe a myriad of positive ways in which dancing has affected my life. People should be dancing, and Sophia will teach you how- she is definitely the best at what she does!
Kate ~ May 2016
I was one of the lucky ones to attend this class, a great dancer does not always make a great teacher but Sophia “IS BOTH” a world class dancer and world class teacher, her attention to detail is second to none, she is also a bright, vibrant and good person. Thank you Sophia Konstantinovna !!!!!!
Abraham ~ Jun 2016
Few things in life absolutely terrify me…and dancing used to be one of them…UNTIL I met Sophia and I am so grateful for the changes in my life just from the help of becoming a better dancer. Sophia just has a way of breaking things down (no matter what your level) and making you feel comfortable during the dance lessons, when everything else is telling you to not be! If you ever have the opportunity to learn dance, look no further and learn from the best dancer I know! Thanks for everything Sophia, you’re pure awesome!
From the very first lesson, Sophia was quick to adapt her teaching to my learning style, and she exuded positive energy. Over time, I had occasion to see Sophia with other students, and how different her dance lessons were with each student, depending on their needs. I never bought lessons in advance, so I never felt committed to taking lessons, but I kept coming back every week for 2 years — and I am taking my first break for the moment because I’m taking a sabbatical. I consider Sophia a friend, in addition to a truly unique and wonderful dance instructor.
Greg L.
Had Sophia in Sapphire dance lessons today! My first time in a real dance lesson and didn’t know what to expect… It was fantastic! Had lots of fun learning from Sophia who is a wonderful and patient instructor. Been looking for a hobby and was fortunate to find Sophia in Sapphire to develop my dancing skills. Don’t wait, if you’ve been thinking about being able to take it to the dance floor, call Sophia in Sapphire today, you’ll be glad you did!
Maricruz R.
I had a girlfriend who left me because I didn’t know how to dance. I considered taking dance lessons but, going to a teacher that only expected me to just follow his steps didn’t really help me in any way. So, I decided to forget about it. And for years, I did. Until, out of the blue, a friend invited me to Sophia’s Meetup Group. I didn’t really wanted to go and at first I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. WOW!! I am grateful that I gave my self the opportunity to come to Sophia’s class. Sophia has that special touch for teaching. She has the skill to breakdown and explain each step and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before. I couldn’t believe how fun it was!!! Sophia’s personality will make you feel welcome and the good energy is contagious. All other members I met also made me feel comfortable and were more than willing to help. If you’re thinking about joining, then come prepared to have a lot of FUN.
Sol B.
Sophia is a great dance instructor. I showed up for my fist class with her very nervous and tentative. She showed me some very simple dance steps that helped me get comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone from beginners with two left feet to people who are just looking for refresher dance lessons.
Andrew P.
If you want to learn to dance, take dance lessons. If you want to understand the passion & reason for dance, take lessons with Sophia. Sophia will teach you the skills needed to look great on the dance floor. Her degree of professionalism is of the highest standard. Sophia’s many years of being a dancer, musician, and artist just add to the quality of instruction you receive when being her student. I first met Sophia as a beginning dancer where she taught me basic rhythm & timing steps. Over the next several years I attended several group classes & dance outings with Sophia & her students. In every one of those classes & dance outings I saw the love Sophia’s students have for her & watched them grow as dancers. I have witnessed Sophia lead students to competitions and top student awards. Sophia teaches with a passion & enthusiasm unseen in most instructors. So…do you want to dance? If the answer is Yes…dance with Sophia.
Will L.

What Our Wedding Couples are Saying

My wife and I wanted to do a first dance at our wedding and my wife found Sophia online. We had a total of ten dance lessons over about two months and Sophia helped us put together a routine that was easy for us to learn, tailored to our first song and that made us look good at our wedding. She was very patient and taught us the dance moves progressively and in a way that even someone with no dance experience (like me) could still learn it and make it look good. Thanks Sophia!
Marat M.
Sophia is an amazing dance instructor. My husband and I wanted to surprise guests at our wedding with a fun dance to “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. When we first approached Sophia we had no idea what we were doing. After 12 dance lessons we had a beat and could dance to “Hot Stuff”. Our guests went crazy when we danced at our wedding. Sophia is professional, positive, patient, and has a true gift for teaching dance. My husband and I are continuing to take dance lesson with Sophia even now that we are married. Sophia makes it so much fun.
Kirsten K.
Everything you will read here about Sophia is 100% true. She is such a gifted instructor: patient, kind and fun!! She did such an amazing job choreographing our first dance for our wedding. My husband who was very apprehensive and nervous in the beginning about doing a dance at all, ended up loving it. Our dance was a huge hit at our wedding!!! I highly recommend Sophia for any type of dance lessons!!!
Chris M.
We did it June 1 in Nashville! We are the parents of the bride. We started out stepping on each other, no rhythm, no style, no clue! We didn’t exactly tear up the dance floor, but that wasn’t the point! We really had no idea how to dance when we started dance lessons with Sophia, but after just 5 times, we were able to pull it off! Tom was able to dance well with our daughter Laura to “The Sunshine of My Life,” and we were able to enjoy dancing together. It was a great wedding and we didn’t have to worry. Thank you, Sophia, for instilling a level of confidence in us, so that we could have a good time. You were so patient, helpful, and a lot of fun! We liked it so much, we want to continue with the social opportunities that you have. Really appreciate your support! Read the other reviews as well…Sophia is a great teacher!
Susan G.
We signed up for 14 dance lessons with Sophia for our wedding 1st dance. Our 1st dance was definitely the highlight of the wedding and we’ve gotten tons of compliments from the guests. Sophia was amazing! She was fun and patient and the dance lessons were paced just right for our skill level. Also, how the routine matched the music was incredible. We felt like performers in “dancing with the stars”. Her attention to detail such as facial expression and hand postures made the dance extra special and this was noticed by many of our guests. Many raved that it was the best 1st dance they’ve ever seen. Best of all, she paced the dance lessons perfectly so that we had enough time to practice and perfect the moves. Even though both my now wife and I had plenty to drink, the dance went without a hitch because we felt so comfortable with it. On top of that, she built in moves into that dance that made for amazing photo ops. Our photographer was blown away. Highly, highly recommended!!
Mark Y.
My husband and I took dance lessons for our wedding (first dance) from Sophia. We were able to fit in 5 dance lessons before the big day. Sophia is a great teacher. She is very patient and makes the dance lessons fun. My husband and I were super busy at the time (wedding planning and finishing up a dissertation), so we probably weren’t the best students (read: should have practiced more) but we always had a great time during our lesson. We should have taken more advantage of Sophia’s offer to record us while we were practicing (we finally did it in our last lesson) but it makes a difference seeing how you look (and it’s easier to visualize why Sophia is giving you the feedback that she is). The 45-minute dance lessons went fast so be sure to utilize every minute if you take lessons there! Oh, and the first dance went well! Not sure if it was recorded (we’re not a very sentimental couple) but we had a great time dancing and I think we surprised some people!!!! :) In summary, I highly recommend Sophia!
Mary K
My husband and I had a total of 12 private dance lessons with Sophia during which she choreographed 2 dances to the 2 songs we were planning to dance to at our wedding. We left each lesson having learned at least a few new skills that built on previously learned skills and that were creatively integrated into our routines. Sophia set an excellent pace for our learning, kept diligent notes on our lessons to keep us moving forward, and always responded thoughtfully to our own ideas or concerns to make sure we felt happy, comfortable, and excited about our special dances. All this led to a wedding reception at which pretty much every guest expressed to us how our first dance was the best first dance they have ever seen. One of my favorite parts about looking through the pictures of our dance is not looking at us, but rather looking at the awe on the faces of the guests standing around the dance floor watching us.Even though our wedding is over, we both would love to continue taking dance lessons because of all the fun we had throughout this process and we cannot think of anyone better than Sophia to work with in our future dancing adventures.
Laura B.
Sophia is beyond a fantastic dance instructor; in fact, she is nothing short of a miracle worker with the way she turned my fiance and me from stiff-legged and nervous inexperienced dancers into confident and poised wedding reception showstoppers. Sophia’s friendly nature, great sense of humor, and kind critiques quickly foster a very comfortable, positive, and close student-teacher relationship. It is also clear from the start that Sophia’s personal dance talent and expertise effectively combines with her experienced eye for understanding her students’ talents and experiences to allow her to create personalized lessons and choreography that challenge the student to strive for advancement in skill and technique while also assuring successful attainment of reasonable goals. With a keen eye for detail and creative strategies for instruction, Sophie also takes the time to point out even the smallest areas of style or technique to polish and helps you do so through simple and understandable demonstrations, analogies, explanations, and tips.
Andrew B.
Sophia is amazing. She is very creative in developing the choreography that fits us. All our guests love our first dance. It was my husband’s first time to learn dancing but Sophia made it very easy. We had a great time learning the dance together and will totally recommend her to any couple for your wedding dance lessons! As we had a tight schedule, she also managed to use one lesson to teach the mother and son dance so they could dance through the whole song. Thank you Sophia.
Liz W.

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